parker hydraulic oil filter TXWL11 – 10

Product Description: Product introduction: PARKER filter element is a kind of Hydraulic filter element which is widely used in hydraulic system and lubrication system.It is used for filtering out the metal particles and rubber impurities ca


Brand Name: Parker
Model Number: TXWL11 – 10
Nominal filtration rating:from 1, 3, 6, 12, 25 …um
Application:hydraulic oil systerm
Operating pressure:10-210bar
Working temperature: -20-100℃
Replacement or not:Replacement

Parker can supply the most complete filter strainers, configurations, and also the most comprehensive filters solutions, besides, it could directly replace most of the famous brands filters. Parker filter is widely used in the hydraulic and lubricant system, and work effectively to control the media pollution then protect the system working safely and efficiently.
Typical model codes:

1. 936701Q 14. FC1091 Q020.DS
2. 936705Q 15. FC1240.Q020.XC
3. G01954 16. FC7202A025VS
4. G40264 17. FC1341Q003BS
5. G40272 18. FC5012Q003BS
6. 926841Q 19. G01370Q
7.    933213Q 20. G01775Q
8. 9326766 21. GO3760Q
9. 928932 22. PR2754
10. 927661 23. PR2834
11. 926697Q 24. PR2834Q
12. 926888Q 25. PR2855Q
13. 930118Q 26. PR3451Q

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